Friday, August 24, 2007

Elysses Nardin Tellurium J. Kepler watch

Many years ago Galilee and Copernicus gazed at sky and tried to find an interconnection of terrestrial and celestial time. In the course of time this interconnection became more and more evident and interest to celestial bodies grew as well.

Unlike our ancestors we can gaze at celestial bodies even not lifting up our heads if there is a Tellurium J. Kepler watch from Ulysses Nardin on our wrist.

The model Tellurium J.Kepler of cosmic series got its name after famous 14th/15th-century astronomer who was one of the first scientists to document the laws of planetary motion.
Ulysses Nardin Tellurium J. Kepler shows the Earth as seen from the North Pole.

But in case you live in the southern hemisphere you have an opportunity to order the Ulysses Nardin watch that will show you a view of the South Pole.

There is a flexible spring that rotates around as the day progresses and indicates and the time and place of sunrise and sunset. There is a part of the timepiece that rotates once per year and another one that with the help of dragon hand shows you when there will be eclipses of the Sun and the Moon.
The dial of the Ulysses Nardin Tellurium J. Kepler is made with the help of genuine enamel cloisonné technique and is put into 43 mm platinum case covered with sapphire crystal.

As for perpetual calendar, it completes one turn each year. The mechanism of the timepiece is self-winding with about 42 hours power reserve. The watch is water-resistant up to 30 meters.

Not many people can become Ulysses Nardin Tellurium J. Kepler watch owners. The timepiece is launched in limited edition series consisting of 99 pieces. The price for such a unique timepiece is 118 000 dollars.