Friday, August 17, 2007

About what can tell wrist watches?

As is generally known, a man is «met on clothes», and only «accompany on a mind». you have the business meeting? Interview? Do not you want to strike a person in dirt? Or does want anymore to know about an interlocutor?
When questions and stories do not give a synonymous answer, a cloak-room is attentively studied, any change is critically estimated. But the few suspects, that about character and tastes of man it is possible to judge on wrist watches. And to no purpose. It appears that those, who carries...
A "luxury watch" is people, as a rule, well organized, value own and stranger time, love an order in everything. They are engaged in favourite business and get enormous pleasure from it.
A watch of «Haut couture» is their proprietor, probably, loves elegance, a rumour knows in society life. Such people in-process more frequent than all are exact and pedantic.
«Piled» up watch (a few clock-faces, stop-watch and t. of p.). Such people are easy in intercourse, love all new and unusual, consider that weaknesses exist in an order to indulge them. In the soul they are nice children.
Electronic watch - with a microcalculator, by a built-in notebook etc. Such watch is carried by people energetic, loving to accept rapid decisions, dynamic. They prefer non-standard decisions and stand monotony neither in life nor in-process.
Watch with Roman numeration. Their possessors prefer classic style, good kitchen and exactness. They a few conservative, prefer that is tested time are old friends, self-possessed wine, familial valuables.
Watch with arabic numeration. As a rule, belong to the people, to capable realistically to look at the world and not build «air locks». They are able to estimate a situation and try to accept a rapid decision. But many of them at heart romantic natures.
Watch with marks in place of numbers. People, having an own point of view and look to the world, prefer to carry them. They are curious and opened, but them not so easily to over-persuade.