Sunday, December 23, 2007

How to buy watches

Every time you stop outside that glass window showing those glittering, stunning Rolex watches. This is a heartfelt desire to wrap your wrist with this most well-known name, Rolex.
There is good news for you. Now, you need not to spend those big bucks for acquiring your dream watch. Your answer is Replica watches. Yes, it makes you buy your desired luxury within your budget.

As there are so many online sites and stores are available. But you should not buy without prior information from any store. You should have certain knowledge about replica watches before buying one. I have listed some information which will help you to select your Rolex replica. Below are a few points you need to know about a watch.

Water Resistance - this refers to the protection a replica watch has been provided to control the damage from water.
Waterproof - if your Swiss replica watch claims to be waterproof, it means there is no possibility of entering water.
Stainless Steel - a shiny durable white metal which is not affected by corrosion or rust. Almost all fake Rolex have option of steel.
Stop Watch - this is a second hand that measures intervals of time in the replica watch.
Strap - this is also called a band any Swiss replica watch has in either cloth, leather or other non-metal material.
Subdial - A small dial used for keeping track of elapsed hours or minutes in your fake Rolex.
Digital Watch - this is a replica watch that checks the time using digits not hands.
Dual Time Zone - A Swiss replica watch that measures more than one time zone.
Battery - this is provided for the power in your replica Rolex.
Bezel - The bezel is that portion of the case that immediately surrounds the outside of the replica Rolex watch crystal.
Crystal - this is the glass that covers the face of your Swiss replica watch. Two main crystal types which are used in replica Rolex are Mineral and Sapphire.

There are things you should do before making an actual purchase.
1. Talk to somebody in that store in person to get full knowledge. Enquire about each thing mentioned above.
2. Ask about their return policy and warranties.
3. Know in advance their shipping cost, delivery time and how to track the status.
4. Know about different brands and models that store has.
5. Testimonials are really helpful. Ask for customer reviews, it will give an idea about authenticity of that place.
6. After sale services. Just ask if they want to exchange this replica watch for another one.
7. Compare with other stores. Find out the reasons of difference in prices of replica watches and all.


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