Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tissot watches and MotoGP World

Representing the official timekeeper and the official watch of MotoGP, Tissot has come up with a really unconventional way of broadening awareness about the brand's timepieces and increasing the sales - it started selling watches at MotoGP racetracks. The Tissot watches were displayed in a specially designed, portable shop.

The brand has long focused its attention upon the Motorcycle world. It has introduced the special T-Race watches, the MotoGP limited editions timepieces and the specially designed helmets.

The shops received a lot of visitors looking for MotoGP Tissot watches, and not only the regular clients in Barcelona but also new ones, including people coming to the MotoGP from other regions of Spain and all parts of Europe.

Tissot motorcycle-racing themed products, available for an average price of 550 Euro, are quite expensive for the average MotoGP. However, all the efforts of the brand and the retailer finally paid off as the sales were doubled in comparison to the previous tracks, with 50 pieces sold for a total of about 25,000 Euro.

Tissot is going to present the MotoGP concept at the three races this year to be held in Spain, two in Italy, as well as on each in the USA, Netherlands, UK, and Germany. In 2008, the brand wants to reveal a larger concept in MotoGP and NASCAR in the USA.

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